Be a Light in our Dark World – Tool #3 Live a Questionable Life


We just sent a great book out to about 150 of our friends. It’s called Surprise the World, and is by Michael Frost. Let me whet your appetite for the very practical ideas that he writes about, to help us move towards the people God has placed around us. His overall theme is how we can live “questionable lives” that draw people to Jesus.

Michael talks about an acronym: BELLS

Here are five ways we can lead lives that will cause people to take notice:

Bless – Habit number one is to choose to bless those around you, with special attention to friends and family who are yet to embrace Jesus. This could be things like words of encouragement, affirmation, or even acts of kindness.

Eat – Habit number two is sharing meals with people. Getting something to eat with someone is a great way to start or continue a relationship. Hosting people at your own place is an additional way. Either way, it opens up great opportunity to go deeper and get to know one another more, leading to spiritual conversations.

Listen – Spend time with the Lord, listening to the voice of the Spirit. What is He saying about those you are hoping to reach out to in the name of Christ? Listen for ways God is prompting you in your relationships with people who do not yet know Him.

Learn –The fourth habit is setting aside time to “learn Christ.” Read the gospels, read books about Jesus—make it your chief purpose to know Him more. In a way, this is being mentored by Jesus. Those we hang out with and know most about, we tend to emulate. Your not-yet-believing friends will begin to see Him in you.

Sent – The final habit means identifying yourself as a “sent one.” Being “on mission” for God means taking the good news of God’s reign and the good news of His reconciliation to people who do not yet know Him.

  • Consider using these five habits as a way to move forward as a sent one and an influence in the people around you who need Christ.
  • Consider picking up a copy of Surprise the World, by Michael Frost, and learning more about being someone who “lives a questionable life.” You could even gather some believing friendstogether to discuss it.

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