Be a Light in our Dark World – Tool #4 Overcoming Conversation Stoppers


Do you have a friend who always seems to ask “conversation stoppers”? You know, accusations, declarations, or questions about aspects of Christianity that can trip us up or tongue tie us. If you are like me, after that kind of conversation-stopping experience, I find myself saying, “Lord, why didn’t I know the answer to that question? I let you down.”

Remember—as we’ve already talked about in the past several posts—your ability to impact your non-believing friends and family for Christ is not dependent on having all the right answers. Yet, you may have a friend or family member that consistently produces some zingers!

Over the years, Pam and I have benefited from friendships with staff of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I’ve always appreciated their books and articles that bring thoughtfulness to areas of theology, apologetics, and giving answers to tough questions not-yet-ready to believe people ask.

I recently ran across a great webpage that contains answers and responses to all kinds of the most common “conversation stoppers.” What I love is that in many of these helpful pages they also address conversation stoppers with conversation starting questions you can use to create a dialogue! Maybe these will help you in your interactions with someone you know who is in need of Jesus.

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