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Five Traits of a Christ-Follower

What distinguishes a follower of Jesus? The contributors to Five Traits of a Christ-Follower – each with a history of knowing Jesus and making Him known – see five “core competencies” as critical to authentic discipleship. Spend a month with a master class of disciple makers and find yourself growing in your capacity and enthusiasm for following Christ.

Making Waves

Making Waves paints a clear picture of what a grace-filled life is: receiving God’s goodness and passing it along to others, like a ripple that grows into a wave. Over time, this wave of grace can flow to impact families and communities, even crossing oceans and national boundaries.

Latte Love

Where is your “third place”—that location where you regularly interact with those who are far from God? In Latte Love, The U.S. Navigators President Doug Nuenke challenges readers to consider a place where believers can connect to non-Christians and build lasting relationships that will encourage them to become followers of Christ.