About Me

Doug and Pam Nuenke

Hello! My name is Doug Nuenke and I am passionate about investing spiritually in the lives of everyday people who may in turn invest in others.

I have a beautiful wife, Pam, three adult children, two sons-in-law, and seven adorable grandchildren. I love being outdoors, mountain biking and I especially enjoy fishing! Pam and I both enjoy reading, the outdoors, spending time with family, and meeting new friends in our community. I am the former U.S. President of The Navigators®.

My goal in this blog is to be a disciplemaking coach for everyday people, to help them be disciplemakers wherever they find themselves in life. I write from my relationship with Jesus, what I learn personally from Scriptures, and from my own experiences discipling in the everyday pathways of life. Though I have advanced degrees in areas of ministry, my desire is to put the ministry of the gospel into the hands of ordinary people as Jesus did (see Acts 4:13).

As the framework for my blog, I seek to nurture, in you and those you walk alongside, a passion for disciplemaking and important characteristics and skills of a disciplemaker:

So, welcome to my blog. I invite you to join the conversation and walk with me in this eternity-changing endeavor.

Your disciplemaking coach,

Doug Nuenke

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