The God Who Hears, The God Who Acts

Dear friends,

You may have heard news lately of the fires in Colorado. Last year, the Colorado Springs community was shaken by the Waldo Canyon fire. We couldn’t have imagined that just shy of one year later, multiple fires would be raging across Colorado— some of them in our own backyard. As I write, several other wildfires have popped up across the state. Some are contained and almost extinguished; others are just beginning their devastation.

In the days and months following the loss of our own home last year, Pam and I experienced grief, pain, and confusion. Over the course of the last week, we have received the horrible news of some who have lost their homes. Pam and I are grieving with friends who have just begun to walk this difficult road.

Please be praying for the people impacted by these fires. Ask that the God of all comfort would meet them in these days of shock. Pray that He would hold them as they experience grief and the overwhelming prospect of the future.

As I read Genesis 21 the other day (see Gen 21:14-19), I imagined the picture of the forlorn Hagar. She was terribly mistreated by her master Sarah, having barely enough water to survive. She had her young baby boy in tow, “wandering in the desert of Beersheba.” When the water ran out, she and her child wailed in the wilderness.

We read that, “God heard the boy crying.” He sent an angel and provided help for that day.

Even in the midst of our distress, we are children of the God who helps us today and every day. Let us raise our voices to the God who hears—the God who acts.

Perhaps you are reading this and facing different challenges. It may not be a fire; it could be a strained marriage, financial difficulty, or the loss of a loved one. No matter what you’re going through, know that God sees, hears, and is willing to act on your behalf.

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