Posture of Faith #2 for God’s Deliverance


King Jehoshaphat’s humbled spirit led him to further postures that allowed him to experience God’s deliverance. The end of verse 12 in 2 Chronicles 20 reveals posture #2: lifted eyes.

So often we struggle because we cannot get our eyes off our circumstances and onto God!

During my junior high and high school years I experienced two difficult moves when my dad was transferred with his job. I moved in the middle of 8th grade and after my 10th-grade year. Though I had grown up in the church, I did not understand the access we have to God through prayer. Without God’s help, I struggled in many ways as a high schooler.

Even after coming to real faith in Jesus, I have had numerous situations in life and work that continued to prove as a challenge in my daily faith walk. Would I try to do it on my own or would I “lift my eyes” and look to God for help?

The biggest ones have been health challenges in our family, difficulties our children have gone through, or personnel challenges in various jobs and leadership challenges. When people disagree with decisions made or a path forward, do I look to God and find strength in Him as my “Audience of One,” or do I look too much to the opinions of others?

The posture of “lifted eyes” was key for Jehoshaphat, and it is key for us if we are to experience God’s deliverance and power in our lives.

What are a couple issues, events, or challenges in your life that you haven’t yet brought to God?

Is there anything you would say to God about your rhythm (or lack thereof) of prayer?

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