Infant King


As confounding as Jesus’ words were to an adult—such as “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”—to a world that lauds greatness, notoriety, and stardom, an infant Savior is an oxymoron.

Yet it is true that the answer to the world’s problems (both then and now) is manifest in the genius of God: weakness over strength, greatness embodied in smallness, God in diapers.

A wise mentor and good friend of mine, Skip Gray, said it this way when we met recently: “The first King-sized bed was a manger.”

While we can be tempted to find answers to life’s problems and the restoration of our lives in more complex and profound ways, God spoke volumes when He came to us as an infant.

Where do you look for answers to life’s pains? To what sources of wisdom or strength do you turn in place of simple faith in the One who came as an infant?

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