Are You a Can or a Tube?


In spite of all the good with which God has enriched my life, I sometimes struggle to live in a way that reflects God’s lavish, extravagant spirit by passing His goodness along to others.

Several years ago, during one tumultuous season of life, I found myself burned out, and becoming a bit self-centered (as often happens when emotionally drained). Looking in the mirror, I asked myself, “For all the good things God has done for me, what do I have to show for it—is my life changed in a way that reflects His love and goodness to others?”

I once heard a teacher speak about two ways we can live life: as a “can” or a “tube.”  “Can-people” take and keep whatever good they receive in life. Blessings come in to stay. Only every once in a while do these folks allow a crumb of goodness to fall on someone else. “Tube-people” are those who recognize that their lives are designed to be a conduit of God’s good gifts. Blessings flow through their lives to bless others. We are given grace so we can be gracious.

Previously in this blog, we’ve considered the themes of spiritual eyesight and hearing. Of all the things we have to be thankful for, seeing clearly as God enables (Luke 6:22-23) and hearing His voice (John 10:2-4) are the greatest gifts He has to offer.While the metaphors of hearing and eyesight depict well how we receive from God, there are other metaphors that represent how we pass along God’s goodness—our mouths/tongues, our feet, and our hands.

How do your words, your activities, and your touch pass along God’s graciousness? Are you a can? Or a tube? What would others say about you?

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