What Station Are Your Ears Tuned To?


Tim Hansel, in his book, When I Relax I Feel Guiltytold a story that relates to the idea of “noise” (see previous post):

An American Indian was in downtown New York, walking with his friend, who lived in New York City.

Suddenly he said, “I hear a cricket!”

“Oh, you’re crazy,” his friend replied.
“No, I hear a cricket. I do! I’m sure of it.”
“It’s the noon hour. There are people bustling around, cars honking, taxis squealing, noises from the city. I’m sure you can’t hear it.”

“I’m sure I do.”

He listened attentively and then walked to the corner, across the street, and looked all around. Finally on the corner he found a shrub in a large cement planter. He dug beneath the leaves and found a cricket.

His friend was astounded. But the Cherokee said, “No. My ears are no different from yours. It simply depends on what you are listening to. Here, let me show you.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of change—a few quarters, some dimes, nickels, and pennies. And he dropped it on the concrete.

Every head within a block turned.

“You see what I mean?” he said as he began picking up his coins. “It all depends on what you are listening for.”

Not only must Christians have “ears to hear” (Matthew 13:9), but they must learn what to listen for.

Jesus teaches us in John 10 that a distinguishing mark of his “sheep” (us) is that they know His voice and therefore, they follow Him.

Are your ears tuned to the right station—do you hear the voice of the Shepherd, or are your ears filled with other noises and sounds?

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