The Whole Package


As we’ve gone through this series, I have been using the analogy of a fisherman’s fly to illustrate concepts related to sharing our faith. Here’s another one. When a fly is tied, it includes a hook, flash, materials that look true to life, and appropriate weight, all presented according to the context. It’s the complete package.

In the same way, our sharing of the gospel is a reflection of the whole package of our life. Luke 2:52 speaks of how Jesus developed during His life on earth. Look at the verse. Can you pick out the four different aspects of Jesus’ development?

In a similar way, over the past two months, we have highlighted five different dimensions of life, all of which are important to the sharing of the gospel.

  1. Attractive to a broken world
  2. Match the hatch
  3. Right-sized presentation
  4. Two are better than one
  5. Getting where the fish are

How are you putting them into practice? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. As a fly fisherman, I’ve enjoyed being able to communicate some of my spiritual meditations on evangelism as I tie flies. I’m interested in hearing from you.

What gospel-correlations do you see in your own hobbies?

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