Six Sure-Fire Ways to Never Lead Someone to Jesus Christ


1.Only have friendships with other believers.

This involves ignoring Matthew 5:13 and Jesus’ proclamation that we are the salt of the earth.

2.Be judgmental and opinionated.

This ignores Matthew 7:1-4, where Jesus says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Our assertion that others are wrong won’t pull them closer to a relationship with Jesus!

Make sure your life doesn’t match your words.

This ignores Jesus’s mandate from Matthew 5:16 to “let your light shine before others.” If our lifestyle doesn’t match what we say we believe, we’re not living in a way that casts light to those who live in darkness.

Be a hater.

By ignoring John 13:34,35, “You must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,” we avoid being seen as disciples of Jesus.

Talk more about sin than about the Good News.

This ignores Jesus’ example in Mark 1:16, where He called Simon and Andrew not with fear of judgment, but with the promise of relationship and to to train  them in leading others.

Major in the minors so they’ll never hear the Good News.

This is taking a lesson from the Pharisees. Read Matthew 23:23,24. They were so consumed with doing the “right” things they lost sight of the actual heart of the Law they were so intent on keeping.

Do any of these surefire roadblocks to being a winsome Christian ring true to you? What can you do to avoid or remove these obstacles and live in a way that effectively engages people for the Kingdom?

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