Soul Care for a Leader


If you’re involved in ministry, you know how it goes: demanding responsibilities often push you onward at a breakneck pace that doesn’t seem to allow you a pause to refuel. It can easily leave you depleted and wondering if you can still hear the voice of God as you attempt to keep up with yourself and those you lead.

I’m excited to have the opportunity, along with other leaders from The Navigators, to speak to this issue during an extended workshop at the upcoming Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference 2017, April 5-6 in Dallas, Texas.  I’d like to invite you to join us!

This course focuses on the soul of the leader, including the practice of Sabbath, tools for hearing God, and a rhythm of life that nourishes the heart in the midst of demanding responsibilities. We will offer practical strategies and create an actionable personal plan for practices that nourish the soul. Check out all the details on this workshop and other courses you may find helpful!

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