Pass-on-able Tool #2: The Word Hand


I hope that as you read these practical posts, you’re getting the idea that the Word of God is foundational both for our lives in Christ and as we help others grow.

The early Navigators developed an illustration to help people “get a grip on God’s Word.”
It’s called “The Word Hand™.”

Over a period of weeks you can take the person you are helping spiritually through each of the fingers on this illustration:

• Hearing (Romans 10:17)
• Reading (Revelation 1:3)
• Studying (Acts 17:11)
• Memorizing (Psalm 119:9,11)
• Meditating (Psalm 1:2,3)

For further reading on this illustration, check out The Navigators web resource here.

Although these are all important ways to engage in God’s Word, I’ve found that many people are only able to excel in two or three of them at any one season in their lives. In the context of a full life, it’s important to start with one or two and really give effort to grow in that discipline. If you do that, or help someone else do it, you will find your appetite for the Scriptures grow! The Bible tells us that God’s Word, when planted in a human heart, will not be without effect (Isaiah 55:11).

Do you know the difference between these ways of engaging with the Word of God?
What is one way you could put one of them more into practice in your life?
Who is someone in your life that you could take a few months to help them learn about engaging more with the Scriptures?

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