Finding Fulfillment in Life

Since the beginning of time, humans have sought to find their “place” in the world. Whether Adam and Eve’s decision to attempt fulfillment through the pursuit of knowledge or our modern temptations toward finding life in work, sex, or material things, the sin nature works against God’s design for us.

Jesus’ prayer in John 17:3 succinctly describes true life:

And this is the real and eternal life:
That they know you,
The one and only true God,
And Jesus Christ, whom you sent. 
(John 17:3 The Message)

Life (with a capital “L”) is described using the Greek word Zoe. It is a word that describes the nature of life, not just a bodily, biological life (reflected in the Greek word bios). “Zoe” describes all of life—body and soul. It speaks of the essence of life and is the word that points us toward God’s design for true fulfillment.

Jesus, in the passage above, puts it simply: life is found in knowing God and His son Jesus.

The Greek word for “know” in this passage is ginosko, which means experiential knowledge, not just head knowledge. Life for us as God designed it is found in relationship with God.

The first core value of The Navigators, for whom I work, is:

The passion to know, love and become like Jesus Christ.

Are there other places that you are seeking life these days? Where do you find that your heart is searching and longing for meaning? Ask God, today, to help you know Him more.

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