Navigating the Waves of Cultural Change


Recently, my son-in-law told a story about fishing from a kayak. While he was enjoying a day on a lake, a ski boat raged by, sending a large wave his way. Moments later, his kayak was overturned, fishing pole submerged, and he was swimming rather than fishing.

Culture change can feel the same way, like big waves that can unsettle us, especially if we forget God’s perspective.

Throughout history, God’s people have dwelt among varied cultures, cultures with both redeeming values and values in contrast to the desires of God. We see this throughout the Scriptures. The apostle Peter chose these words to describe our identity: “temporary residents and foreigners” (1 Peter 2:11 NLT). No matter where God’s people reside, we serve a different Kingdom with values that often run contrary to those of the surrounding cultures.

Our U.S. culture is no different. We have many redeeming values that align with the biblical values of God’s Kingdom, and there are U.S. cultural values that collide with biblical truth. As followers of Jesus and as Navigators, we are called to be salt and light, to be transformational influencers in our world.

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