“The Elephant” in the Body of Christ


Are you familiar with the term “the elephant in the room”? It refers to the thing that everyone sees, but no one is wanting to point out or talk about.

There’s one in the Body of Christ in the U.S. and it is severely undermining the influence of the Church among those who do not yet know Jesus. Let’s call the elephant the polarization between tolerance and truth.

A lot of people who identify themselves as followers of Christ are pulled in one of two directions. Sometimes you even see them doing battle with one another in nice Christian kind of ways or on the Internet where it seems like they can get away with it.

Perspective #1 – Tolerance at all cost: there’s no such thing as sin, accept everyone and their lifestyle, don’t act or talk as if there’s any ultimate truth. The main role of a Christ-follower = being nice and accepting everyone as if everything they do is okay.

Perspective #2 – Truth at all cost: the world is a wicked place and it’s better to keep your distance. Don’t get too close or get to know people whose behaviors don’t align with the Bible. The main role of a Christ-follower = making sure people know when they have missed the mark and hang out with others who do Christian activities.

I’m sure there are a lot of people in the middle. Do you agree or is this picture I’ve painted way off base?

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