Nothing Ordinary About the Ordinary

landscape photography of mountains covered in snow
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

I was watching some clouds and thunderstorms develop out east from our home yesterday. Just “ordinary” clouds that show up many summer afternoons. As I took the time to pause and look at the clouds I noticed their beauty. You know, God doesn’t make junk, and every creation if His, even the ordinary, everyday … even you and I, bear His mark. We have value and use to Him.

Through a group of Christ-following friends, the wave of influence, started by Jesus’ first followers, even reached me. Embracing the Good News found in Jesus has changed my life forever. I am a follower, a “disciple,” of Christ.

Like Jesus’ first followers, I, too, am an ordinary person, with weaknesses and habitual missteps…yet God’s precious one. I believe that God wants each of His followers, no matter how “unschooled” and “ordinary” to help others be Jesus-followers (see Acts 4:13 NIV). He wants us to put in motion a powerful ripple o

influence for God’s Kingdom.

What does it look like to make waves in the Kingdom?

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