An Apprenticeship with Christ

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A number of years ago – the Navigators established an exciting “internship” program called the EDGE Corps. As I look back, Pam and my involvement in its early years is one of the highlights of our ministry lives. Recently, hundreds of these EDGE Corps converged at Glen Eyrie for their training. When you boil it down, EDGE Corps is an “apprenticeship.”

In a lot of ways, the Christian life is an apprenticeship. An apprentice gets their hands dirty in the work of the job. They learn practical skills and become like their teacher. As a follower or “apprentice” of Jesus, we are workers for the Kingdom, called to contribute to His purposes.

I previously asked for your input on what you think of when you think of the word “disciple.” You gave great answers and I’d like to add a few characteristics or “apprentice skills” of my own that I will be discussing in this blog:

  • Grow in relationship with God
  • Live among those who don’t know Christ
  • Know and live from the Scriptures
  • Show Christ followers how to help others know Christ
  • Engage in community with other Christ-followers

In addition to talking about skills, we’ll also talk about the character of those who follow Jesus—not only what we do, but who we are.

What percentage of the Christian life would you say is doing and what percentage is being?

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