I’m back!


Over Fathers Day weekend, I had a good time with my two grandkids. It’s amazing how early on we as human beings begin to operate out of independence. When asked if he needed help fishing, our 2 year old grandson, who had obviously mastered the art of angling said, “No, I’ll do it myself!”

In a world that exalts independence, where each person seems free to define reality from their own vantage point, there are lots of ideas about what it means to connect with God meaningfully. People try numerous roads by being “good”, going to church, engaging in social change, or believing in a concept of God.

After a break from blogging, as my wife, Pam, and I recovered from the loss of our home in the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire, I am excited to reengage in how you and I––everyday people––can walk with God and make lasting waves of influence in our world as representatives of God’s family.

To kick us off, I wonder: What things come to your mind when you think of a person whose life is evidenced by a strong connection to God? What does it look like?

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