Is Life Stacked Against You?


My early years created interesting motivations in my life journey. On one hand, I had a sense that I would never measure up. Life seemed stacked against me. We moved around a lot making it difficult for me to get traction socially or to be successful in my endeavors involving sports, education, or music. I was a late bloomer and being four foot eleven inches in early high school put me at a disadvantage. Even the religious culture in which I grew up taught me that a relationship with God was predicated on a level of morality and spirituality that I did not possess.

Remember Zacchaeus from Luke? He was a small man, and because of his character as a tax gatherer had a very bad reputation. I wonder if Zacchaeus felt like life was stacked against him? Whatever was going on, he was sure motivated to see this teacher he had heard so much about… Jesus. He searched for Jesus and He came to him: “Come on down Zacchaeus, I’m eating at your place tonight!”

What in your life seems to have you upended or feeling outnumbered? Do you ever feel that you don’t measure up in God’s universe? Ever feel like the world just doesn’t get you?

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