Fear—Antithesis of Faith?


In the Gospel of Mark, we see a situation where Jesus reveals how often fear reveals a lack of faith in our lives. In the early days of His ministry, Jesus took His disciples on a field trip across the Sea of Galilee. In the midst of their journey, a great squall came up that nearly swamped the boat. The disciples, some of whom were seasoned fishermen, were terrified and cried out to Jesus—who was sound asleep in the storm!

After calming the wind and waves (and causing the disciples to wonder who in the world their teacher and leader really was) Jesus subtly rebuked them saying, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” (Mark 4:40).

Here it sounds as if fear is evidence of weak faith. Certainly there are many times where we find ourselves in over our heads and very vulnerable to life’s circumstances. We fear for our well being when health matters arise to which we have no quick fixes. We fear for our jobs in the midst of a rocky economy. We fear for those close to us when family members struggle or make decisions that make them vulnerable or that put them in harms way. Are sleepless nights evidence of a lack of faith? Isn’t fear a normal and healthy response to real danger?

Let me leave you with a question to ponder: Why could Jesus sleep in the boat amidst the rolling waves?

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